Who we are ?
YOUTH for UNITED & VIBRANT ARUNACHAL (YUVA) is a professionals youth network of committed to developing a comprehensive resource for youth work that is current, relevant, and geared for grass roots application. We believe that Arunachal youth demands a broad collaboration of social systems, organizations and leaders.

Our definition of "YUVA"
YUVA is arguably the most critical age in human development. It is the age in which identity and values are clarified, and life future course charted. To understand youth one must understand the social systems of family, community, schools, media and peers—and the interaction of these systems. Youth are the signpost of a society, the pulse beat of a culture. YUVA offers a place for youth and those who care about research and reflection point to the importance of adult mentoring, the support of community, youths' empowerment and the opportunity for successful achievement. When, added to such a foundation, the values of the social systems surrounding youth are congruent.

Our Vision & Mission
  • Our Vision
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YUVA Vision

Youth for united and vibrant Aarunachal is an NGO working in Arunachal Pradesh. This organization believes that every youth is special. They have a special talent. They need opportunities and guidance. The social structure of Arunachal Pradesh is tribal. There are many young girls here who do not know what is due to their lives. Lack of better education, the danger of increasing addiction, despair, contraction per scope compressed life terms derived from living, suffering from lack of confidence to be active for the integrated development of forming youth target of YUVA.

YUVA Mission

The work area of the youth is all over India. It is the job of the youth to serve the youth of Arunachal studying/working in different areas of the country. The uniqueness of Arunachal Pradesh is to move from introduction to unfamiliarity.

Main Causes


Intoxication and addiction are found to be causing the maximum destruction to the youths of Arunachal...

Peculiar mindset

Our youths have no idea of the challenges of the future, and rather, they start their life very casually...

Lack of Inspiration

The youths here do not have any prominent role model to follow. The ones they follow are often the people...

Why Join us ?
You are between the ages of 15 and 35. You are making positive impacts in your communities by implementing your ideas, using the existing resources or integrating innovative approaches to solve problems. You are connecting people and ideas to advocate for and address the issues. You are making the world a better place by contributing your knowledge and skills to create solutions and improve people’s lives. You are looking to connect with like-minded people to learn, share, and amplify the impact. is the platform for young changemakers like you to provide you with opportunities to connect with like-minded networks of young people, mentors, and resources and events. While focused on youth from the Arunachal Pradesh.

Our Objectives