Our Arunachal Pradesh is gifted with abundant natural resources, and also, the youths of the state have immense prospect for prosperity. Even then, the natives of Arunachal and its working systemhave not been able to give the youths a proper and satisfactory direction towards exploiting the resources with ease and eco-friendly method. In any civilization, the youths play a vital role in the development and evolution of the state. In Arunachal, almost 35% of 14 (fourteen) lakhs state population are in between the age of 15 to 30 years. This segment of population is the key factor to any state’s prosperity. But the outlook and approach of this group is in worrisome state and hasn’t been guided properly; leading to incompetent choices and sub-standard mindset.
The self-confidence, health andaffluences of youths are found to be in risk due to some countable factors, a few of them are listed below


Intoxication and addiction are found to be causing the maximum destruction to the youths of Arunachal. It is found that wine, opium and other drugs are easily accessible and available even in the small and interior villages of the state. And surprisingly, the young minds accept alcoholism and smoking cigarettes and weeds as pain and mental-disturbance relieving suppository. Also, some consider it as a matter of fashion and prestige.

Peculiar mindset

Our youths have no idea of the challenges of the future, and rather, they start their life very casually and in callous manner. They give up their studies for very petty reasons. Even when they are well-qualified to avail the opportunities available, they don’t go for it. Some even prefer to sit idle at home even after having a professional qualification. Also, a common tendency exist in the mindsets of the youths to not go for jobs, they are well-qualified for, in other states. And thus, these particular aspects affect unemployment rate of the state negatively.

Lack of Inspiration

The youths here do not have any prominent role model to follow. The ones they follow are often the people who have amassed richness with quick money and wrong methods. And in process to follow their footsteps, the youths pave away from value based life and ends up in troubles.

Desperation about future

Most of the families and educational institutions in Arunachal Pradesh are not able to guide and counsel their children in choosing the right career, due to which, the students are left unguided and uncertain about their own future. This leads them through ham-fisted routes and makes their future seems out of reach.

Vagueness About Social & National Thought

Owing to certain geographical and social situations, our youths are brought up in certain cocoon-like community based environment to which the social and national values are hardly penetrated in its true spirit. The resultant effect has been seen among the youth in many occasions. Considering all these facts, it has become very urgent to find out possible solutions. We must immediately accept some measures to face challenges and ensure a golden future for our upcoming youth.

Patronage of Sports

The power of the youths in teenage years can be sublimated through the channels of sports activities by promoting games of which will ensure the growth of both physical as well as mental health.

Promotion of leadership among youth

Organizing youth conferences, debates, seminars and workshops with proper approach to impart leadership skills are straightaway needed in the state. This will further lead the youthswith opportunities to unfold and bloom to their full potentialities.

Celebration of Birthdays of idol personalities

Celebration of imperative ideals (indigenous to our state) and the birthdays of important personalities who can inspire the youth should be properly planned and effectively organized. Where in the youths will be exposed to brainstorming sessions on vital issues and factors.

Career Education

Career education programs and centers should be established, evolved and regularly activated so that each of the career dreams of the youth are properly addressed, guided and accomplished in time.

Other Activities

Organizing workshops or similar activities on contemporary issues with full and active participation of the youths should be tried and ensured. This shall enable them to acquire true knowledge and key concepts about those¬¬ issues. Also, this will help them in handling the issues properly by themselves.

Integrated Youth Development Program

Above all, we must develop certain regular courses and programs for the integrated development of youth potentialities, so as to, sublimate and channelize the power of the youth for empowering and enriching Arunachal Pradesh to a vibrant state.